Stakeholder Dialogue

Healthy & Safe Food Systems


Are you a changemaker, who shapes and drives the changes needed in the food system? Than join us in the discussion, think along in formulating a strategy and defining actions and be a part of our community on Tuesday Afternoon 29 June. A collective action is needed to better understand and tackle these challenges. This means that we need to engage with each other and include perspectives of the actors in the food system.

How can we strengthen each other in defining specific research questions to be able to make a change and to implement the solutions?

We need a food system that is inclusive and sustainable in providing healthy and safe food products. Achieving this will be possible with a systems approach with consideration of multiple aspects; sustainable food production and products as well as consumption patterns. There are many challenges to tackle; Food-related diseases such as obesity and diabetes type 2 are increasing at an alarming rate. On the other hand, novel pathogens are emerging in our foods and food fraud is on the rise.

Your presence will be appreciated to truly find answers together, in this dialogue, connecting in a pre-competitive collaboration with other researchers and stakeholders to explore routes for change. You can provide input, advice and recommendations, including points of difference and unique values, to align a strategy to bring us forward, identify ways to facilitate and accelerate solutions.

This dialogue is developed with support of Wageningen Dialogue, aiming at unraveling complex challenges together through dialogue. For more information, you may contact Simone Ritzer, programme facilitator Wageningen Dialogue.