45th Animal Nutrition Research Forum - 04/20/2023

(Please make sure you entered your WUR email address if you are employed by WUR for later arrangement of payment )

If you want to present in ANR, please upload your abstract via the "Abstact submission" tab.

You're also kindly invited to review 1-2 abstracts if you sumbit an abstract. Please activate the account via Reviewer access tab.

Thank you for willing to help! We'll contact you with further details in the future!

The registration fee of € 56,- will be arranged internally. We request you to notify your secretariat of your registration and the registration fee (and if applicable your/a project number). Within due time the secretariat will receive an internal booking notification which needs to be approved.

N.B. A cancellation fee of €6.70 will be charged when de-registering. De-registration is possible until April 12. After that, the registration fee cannot be refund.

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