15th Congress of the ISDCI

(August 28-31)

For those attending in-person, the registration includes attendance to the 4-day program, access to the Orion auditorium, drinks and snacks during registration on Sunday and during the poster viewing, lunches from Monday up and including Thursday, coffee/thee and cookies at each break, and the final gala dinner on Thursday evening. For those attending online you will receive a link for livestreaming of the talks during the entire week and access to the conference Whova App to get in touch with attendees being present locally, to view the posters and interact with poster presenters. We hope you will enjoy our full 4-day program that will give you the chance to catch up with colleagues you may not have seen for a long time.

Your personal details

*PhD candidate (please bring proof of status, signed by your supervisor, at the registration desk)

*A member in ‘good standing’ means that you have regularly paid your membership fee. Thus, becoming a member just before registration does not make a PI eligible for a reduced fee.

This year however, we make an exception for the PhDs: if a PhD is a member or decides to become a member before registration (How to join ISDCI - ISDCI), then s(h)e can register at the discounted rate.

Invoice address

Register before June 5 for an early-bird fee

Note: due to low demand, there will be no online/hybrid option for this congress.

Ticket selection required, however there are no tickets available. Please contact the organiser.

Note: due to low demand, there will be no online/hybrid option for this congress.

Cancellations must be notified by e-mail to ISDCI.15@wur.nl. If received before the 1st of May, all registration costs except a cancellation charge of 100 Euro will be refunded. Half of the paid registration costs will be refunded between 1st May and 1st August, but no refunds will be made after August 1.