The WeDay committee has been confronted with a limited budget for 2024. To maintain the concept of sports and exercise activities complemented with creative and/or musical components, we had to make some hard choices. This will strongly influence the side program. We skipped the (meeting) tent and the caterer will only be able to serve a simple vegan meal. Next to that we had to skip activities that were too expensive. Fortunately, we still can offer you a program with almost 60 activities. So, enough choice to try something new! 

You can register individually in all kind of individual, team sports and other activities.

For team registration, the team captain first registers the team name by this link. Afterwards all teams member have to register under the team name, including the team captain. 

Recreational activities

The recreational activities are divided in two periods (from 13:00 to 15:00 hours and from 15:30 to 17:30 hours). There are four different start options and depending on your choice we offer other available options. You can find all information about the activities itself on the WeDay website

Be sure to take travel time into account for the following activities:

Canoeing, GPS Mindf*ck, Open water swimming, Walking tour Arboretum and Walking tour 'Beekdal'. The travel time is additional to the starting time of the activity.


Competitive activities

The team captain must register the team name by this link. At least twice a day the team's names will be uploaded to the registration form, so this might take some hours. After the upload of the team's name, the team members as well as the team captain can register individually by selecting the correct team name in the dropdown list of the selected sports activity.

Are you sure? We would rather see you doing something active:-)

To be able to control the number of teams and team members the team captain has to register the team name first in this special registration form. Afterwards all other team members can register individually by selecting the registered team name. Processing the team names can take some time, because this is a manual process but will take at least twice a day.