College Tour Louise O. Fresco

The changing role of science for society

11 May 2022 - 19.00-21.00hrs - Omnia

Moderated by Simone Ritzer & Simon Vink

How do chance, luck and talent influence the paths you take in life? What is within your own reach and what is sheer luck or serendipity? At the end of her term as president of Wageningen University & Research, Louise O. Fresco looks back at the changing role of science in society – and the role she played in it. How do the challenges she encountered differ from those students may encounter today making their life choices? Moderated by Simone Ritzer and Simon Vink, students get the chance to interview prof. Fresco in a true College Tour setting (famous Dutch television programme).

The academic environment, both in research, education and value creation should be the place to contemplate everything. A place to learn, experiment, fail and ask ourselves the question “is that so?” This became even more important in a polarized world where scientific facts are often used to defend a certain way of thinking. But how to prevent ourselves from falling into this trap? And does that mean that you can never take a firm stand based on your ideology?

Engage in dialogue

Collaboratively interviewing our departing president may help us reviewing the roles we have, can and want to play in society. Immediately following the College Tour you will be invited to share your own perspectives about this topic through dialogue. What is the role of scientists in our society according to you? Be prepared to reflect, take a stance and deliberate with your fellow students about your (future) responsibilities towards society, while enjoying a drink together. Will you join?


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Participation is free, but registration is required. Only limited seats are available at this special event taking place in the newest building on Campus: Omnia. 
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College Tour is a famous Dutch television programme where high level Dutch and international guests are interviewed in presence of and mainly by students. This event is based on this format, giving students the chance to ask unscripted questions.

Wageningen Dialogues is the umbrella under which WUR encourages the dialogue between students and researchers, and with our stakeholders and society. One of the main themes of this year’s programme is ‘Science with and for society: A balancing act’.