With a community of users, facilitators and ambassadors, Wageningen Dialogues provides inspiration and support to enhance dialogue. Only through connections we can truly contribute to complex transitions.

The Dialogue Community is an interactive learning community that shares a collective philosophy and develops indispensable skills for dialogue and deliberation processes. We offer our community an exciting network, learning platform, and interesting courses.

What can you expect?

Monthly meet-ups are organised to excite you and increase your dialogue knowledge and skills. They will make you more comfortable to make use of the potential of dialogue, let you experience the power of dialogue, and offer a space to inspire others. Members receive invites for these meet-ups, but they are open to any WUR student or employee.

Facilitators and Moderators Community

If you are an experienced and aspiring moderator or facilitator with a passion for communication, dialogue, and multi-stakeholder processes, you can also join our Facilitators and Moderators Community. This enthusiastic group strengthens their facilitation and moderation skills and shares their experiences through regular trainings and peer-to-peer intervision sessions. Some of them offer their services via our pool as one-off advice, or can be hired as a facilitator in projects or moderator of events.