Education Innovation Award

Nominate educational innovation(s) at WU
for the new Education Innovation Award!

During the 104th Dies Natalis of WUR on the 9th of March a new Education Innovation Award will be handed out.
The purpose of this award is to celebrate and appreciate educational innovations within WU, and to raise awareness and stimulate further education innovation at WU.  
For the Education Innovation Award, we would like to invite WUR employees and students to nominate one or more innovations in the field of education at WU.
A jury will subsequently select a winner from the list of nominations. The winning innovation will receive a prize and the innovators will receive 1000,- Euro to celebrate the award. Correspondence on the jury report is not possible.
Which innovation(s) can you nominate?
  • An educational innovation implemented at WU (so more than just a plan). Innovations are interpreted broadly here, including innovations in courses, exams, (parts of) programmes, educational support, educational facilities, technological or on-campus innovations, extra-curricular education activities etc.)
  • You can nominate multiple innovations. Separate nominations must be submitted for each innovation.
  • Self-nominations are not allowed.
How can you nominate?
Please fill out the this form to submit your nomination.
We are looking forward to see all the nominated innovations!
Kind regards,
On behalf of the working group Education Innovation Award
Arnold Bregt
Perry den Brok
Marjolijn Coppens
Heleen van Dijk