Let's Explore: Commissioned Research

Applied research is part of our DNA in Wageningen, but let’s explore the different sides of commissioned research. How to remain an independent and honourable researcher?

To address major societal challenges, we collaborate with different actors in our work. This brings benefits and challenges at many levels. Let's explore these sides together in a critical and open way. Let’s listen to one another and discover the different experiences, learnings, insights, etc. All of this is done in our academic environment, with room for critical questions, non-binding exploration and perspective.

With the ‘Let’s Explore’ series, we aim to bring together different perspectives within WUR and provide space for exploration. An invitation by Communication & Marketing and Wageningen Dialogues, to connect, converse and listen. This series consists of the following sessions:

  • 6 December (Impulse, Speakers Corner): Explore what needs to be discussed
  • 25 January (Lumen 1): Explore how we personally experience commissioned research
  • 14 February (Impulse, Innovation): Explore how we (want to) deal with the system

You’re welcome at 12:00, we start at 12:15. There will be something tasty on the table, but no extensive lunch for all. You are free to join, but registration is appreciated .

Why Let's Explore?

The fact that we think differently about a topic does not mean that there is no value in the ideas of the other person. The complexity of the current challenges also benefits from different perspectives. Is a scientific environment not the perfect setting for wonder and the exploration of all those perspectives? During the internal ‘Let’s explore’ sessions, we will try to provide a — hopefully safe — space for doubt, wonder, and exploration, away from the hardened debate. Will we succeed in asking each other questions candidly? In finding out why the other person acts and thinks the way they do? The goal is to engage in the dialogue and perhaps find some common ground. We invite you to join the conversation and be prepared to listen.