Let’s explore

Nitrogen in NL

Planned dates: 31 August (Impulse), 27 September (Lumen 1), 1 November (Omnia)
Time: 12:15-13:30

Note: The date and location of the 3rd session changed (from 26-10 to 01-11, from Impulse to Omnia)

Not a day goes by without mention of the ‘nitrogen dossier’ in traditional and social media. It drives people apart and puts groups at odds with each other. This polarising trend can be seen in society, but also within WUR. You could say: ‘No pain, no gain’. But we can minimise that pain by communicating with each other effectively. With the new ‘Let's explore’ series, Communication & Marketing and Wageningen Dialogues provide an opportunity for the different perspectives to come together and to have a deep conversation, face to face. All of this is done in our academic environment. Will you join us to chat and listen?

Why is the topic of nitrogen so very close to our hearts? What does this trigger in us below the surface? Who is responsible for change? What role do you see for science and WUR in this issue? How would you fulfil this role? Does it touch on certain values or ideals? Do you think the solution lies in innovations, a new form of agriculture, and/or behavioural change?

Let's connect, let's explore! Bring your lunch, although there will be something tasty on the table too. You are free to join, but registration is appreciated so that we know roughly how many people we can expect.

"We have to learn to understand each other, because everyone has their own language." - Alex Datema, diary farmer & dialogue participant

We look forward to seeing you to explore together,

Simone Ritzer en Inge Wallage


Let's Explore Wageningen Dialogues

With the new ‘Let’s explore’ series, we aim to bring together different perspectives within WUR and provide space for exploration. Can you be open and listen to others with genuine interest? You might test each other’s patience a bit, but no pain, no gain. In the last week of every month, Communication & Marketing and Wageningen Dialogues would like to organise a ‘Let’s explore’ session, in which we will explore one topic over a series of three sessions.

As Socrates said: wisdom begins in wonder.

The fact that we think differently about a topic does not mean that there is no value in the ideas of the other person. The complexity of the current challenges also benefits from different perspectives. Is a scientific environment not the perfect setting for wonder and the exploration of all those perspectives? During the internal ‘Let’s explore’ sessions, we will try to provide a — hopefully safe — space for doubt, wonder, and exploration, away from the hardened debate. Will we succeed in asking each other questions candidly? In finding out why the other person acts and thinks the way they do? The goal is to engage in the dialogue and perhaps find some common ground. We invite you to join the conversation and be prepared to listen.
With Wageningen Dialogues, WUR encourages researchers, students, and staff members to engage in innovative ways with each other, stakeholders, and society. This is achieved through dialogues, dialogue processes, and improving our skills to enable us to engage in good conversation with those who think differently. Sometimes, it is to determine the proper research question or to simply understand another person better. Sometimes, it is to soften a social debate, but also to bring stakeholders together and to take the next steps together. What topic do you think needs a dialogue? Please contact us.