About this event

How can we turn traditional meetings into dynamic ones? Turn up participation levels within our classrooms? Engage in work forms that are interdisciplinary and collaborative? Experience how creative forms of interaction can emerge from a selection of Liberating Structures. This inspiring toolbox, consisting of 33+ 'micro-structures', carries relatively simple approaches that energizes work forms, both for dialogue and team efforts.

This 2-hours lunch session is a mini-immersion workshop giving you a foretaste of what Liberating Structures feel like and what you can do with them in your daily collaborative work. You will get actively engaged, share your perspectives and questions on interdisciplinary collaboration and see how widely applicable the use of these structures can be. You will also get some out-of-the-box help and fresh ideas for your challenges in interdisciplinary collaboration (or any other challenge you might have). 

Three seasoned Liberating Structures practitioners will host this mini-immersion workshop: Ewen Le Borgne, Moniek Lijster and Nadia von Holzen. The three of them organize workshops and support teams to renew their collaboration and meeting practice with Liberating Structures.  After the session, you can ask away about this approach and/or get more involved.  

Join us for a playful, practical, and dynamic experience! To do so, please register in the tab above.