Come and meet the researchers of the Next Level Animal Sciences program and talk about what their research can mean to you!

The role of the animal in food production, ecology and society is changing, and thus our research and education needs to adapt. Our challenge is to find answers to new questions in different ways, using new tools and methods. That is why we started the Next Level Animal Sciences (NLAS) program: the innovation program of the Animal Sciences Group in which we develop tools and methods which will help us in / be the basis of our research and education for the next decade(s?).  

For instance: innovative sensor technology makes it possible for us to monitor the health and welfare of animals continuously and in real time. Innovative IT-solutions give us the ability to transfer these and other data into useful information about the behaviour, health and welfare of animals. And complex cell systems (organoids: miniature versions of animal tissues) will give us the ability to do our research without invasive measuring methods and animal experiments.


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