Opening Dialogue in Omnia: Navigating complex crises together

Finding solutions that benefit biodiversity and climate in our food systems

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News headlines are all about urgent crises: COVID-19, Ukraine, natural disasters and many such. Equally urgent, but seemingly a little further from our daily lives are some deeply profound upcoming crises: climate change, widespread biodiversity loss and the enormous demands placed on our food system. These underlying issues deserve as much attention, but how to navigate these different challenges?

Let's get out of our silos and connect at Omnia's Opening Dialogue: ‘Navigating complex crises together’. 

Tuesday 10 May 2023 | 14:30-17:00 | Omnia, Wageningen

When it comes to facing crises, there are no easy or universal solutions. Finding systemic solutions is inherently complex. Still, we have to relate to this complexity if we want to create a better future. A dialogue between scientists, students and partners of WUR can help to explore the many potential pathways for change, and the opportunities and tensions that may arise.

"Let’s step out of our own silos and connect for change! Who should really be there, besides you? Register now and forward the invite."

This first Wageningen Dialogue in Omnia puts our global food system centre-stage. What innovations and collaborations can help to transform the food system and contribute to climate, biodiversity and human nutrition? Where are the tensions and how can we strengthen, challenge and spark each other? To find systemic solutions you are all needed. 

Several inspiring speakers will explore different perspectives and put forward key challenges. After that, it will be up to you: share your ‘seeds for change’ and discuss how they may interact with other seeds and perspectives. Speakers will be announced here.

Is your curiosity sparked and do you want to be part of this very first Wageningen Dialogue in Omnia? Register now! 


Context to this event

In this clip we share "In complexity there is not one single solution, that's why WUR fosters dialogue. Wageningen Dialogues supports the WUR community to exchange knowledge and opinions in a safe, open, interdisciplinary and creative setting."

Wageningen Dialogues is the umbrella under which we encourage the dialogue between researchers and with our stakeholders and society. The focus themes of 2022 are ‘Who decides what’s on my plate?’, ‘Dealing with limited space’ and ‘Science with and for society: A balancing act’. The global food system, in all its complexity, cuts across all these themes. Therefore, we host and facilitate a conversation on this topic at the first day Omnia opens its doors, as it is at the heart of what many of us work on at WUR.

Omnia is meant for everyone who wants to meet and engage during scientific events, dialogues, conferences and symposia. In addition to the Wageningen Dialogues programming, promotions, inaugurations and other WUR events, external parties are also invited to use Omnia's functionalities. All for the purpose of broad dialogue and knowledge sharing. Only by exchanging knowledge and interests, we can find solutions to global issues we face.