'Science communication: Rewarded!’ 

Interactive theatre performance


In these times of change and major challenges, communicating openly about science is more important than ever. But how does science communication become a fully-fledged part of academic work? Many scientists are willing, but they need proper support, recognition and rewarding.

These are key themes covered in the interactive theatre performance SCIENCE COMMUNICATION: REWARDED!  Using recognisable situations, the actors challenge you to engage with each other about the possibilities and dilemmas relating to recognising and rewarding Science communication at your university. The performance gets you thinking. Together with the actors, you work on specific suggestions to take action.

At the end of the performance, you as a researcher and/or science communicator will have a better understanding of the position of Science communication at your university and will have gained ideas on how to promote the embedding of Science communication.


Part of Academic Career Framework

Science communication is an integral part of the proposed Academic Career Framework (ACF) at Wageningen university  (see Intranet page recognition and rewards WU). The framework is now further operationalized into guidelines. It is foreseen that from the second half of 2024 onwards the new ACF can be implemented. Science communication is part of the activities aimed at societal stakeholders (both professionals outside academia and the general public). The relevance of Science communication in scientific practice increases and it is one of the aspects on which one has to report within funding schemes such as the present Sector Plans.


About the makers

The performance was developed by Frank Kupper/Mens in de Maak in collaboration with the Science Communication by Scientists programme: Rewarded!’ (under the auspices of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, implemented by the Academy). Researchers from the Athena Institute / VU Amsterdam (led by Frank Kupper) investigated within this programme how Science communication can be made a fully-fledged part of scientific practice (link).


This event is specifically meant for WU academic staff members, HR business partners and communication officers

Performance date:  January 18, 14.30-16.00hrs, with drinks afterwards (till 16.30hrs)

Location: Impulse

Language: English

Participation costs: none.