Community Day KB34
Circular and Climate Neutral Society
1 November 2022

This years’ community day is an ‘old meets new’ gathering as the core projects from the 2019-2022 phase of the programme will soon finish and new projects that will run in the coming two years are to kick off soon. It is the day for the KB34 community of researchers of the core projects, cofi projects and strategic position projects to exchange ideas and enhance collaborations within and between the themes.

The morning part has plenary sessions, with presentations, pitches and panel.  In the afternoon there are sessions on the thematic clusters. Participants are asked to indicate in the registration form their interest for the sessions that are in parallel. 

We expect approximately 85 participants. All project leaders are kindly requested to inform their project team members about the Community Day and participate with in total 1 to 3 persons per project. If you are registered but need to de-register, please do so in time in view of room capacity limit and the ordering of catering. 

Looking forward to an inspiring and interactive day discussing transitions to living in a circular and climate neutral society!

KB CCNS Core Team


Meeting contacts:
KB Core Team Contact:       Christine Bunthof
Logistics Contact:               Jonna Termorshuizen
Registration Contact: