Diversity Week 2021
Together Towards an inclusive WUR


This year, in the week of 4 October 2021, we will organise the first Diversity Week ever at Wageningen University & Research.
A week with the theme: "together towards an inclusive WUR".

WUR is striving for an inclusive campus. A university and employer where talent is allowed to grow and flourish. Where differences are allowed, with the common goal of "To explore the potential of nature and to improve the quality of life".

Wageningen University & Research believes that diversity and inclusion make a significant contribution to the quality of our education and research. Our more than 13,000 students and more than 6,500 staff form an inspiring, creative and multicultural population. They come from more than 100 countries and have different backgrounds, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, gender identities or functional limitations.

Because only when you are yourself can you make the most of your talents.
Not just at work, but anywhere and anytime.
If there is room for the other, everyone can make a unique contribution.
Together, we form a strong whole.

To celebrate, share and learn about this, we are organising a Diversity Week at Wageningen University & Research this year.
A week in which all aspects of Diversity & Inclusion will be discussed.
In which we reflect, celebrate, mirror and grow.

Check out the program for more information and be welcome!

For questions and comments, please contact us diversity.week@wur.nl